Advance SW4000 Rider Sweeper

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The SW4000™ Rider Sweeper provides high productivity and reliable cleaning performance to attack tough sweeping applications.

Designed with a safe and efficient hydraulic high dump, the SW4000 delivers exceptional productivity. Operator intuitive front wheel steering and front wheel drive offer superior maneuverability in tight corners or narrow aisles. From warehouse and distribution centers to outdoor parking lots and lumber yards, the SW4000 ensures a professionally swept finish for diverse indoor and outdoor applications.

For smooth, easy operation, the SW4000 features One-Touch™ sweeping capabilities—enabling all functions, including the main broom, side brooms, vacuum fan and the optional DustGuard™ misting system, to activate only while the sweeper is moving. This integration provides machine run-time of up to 4.5 hours on a single battery charge while minimizing wear on the brooms. The unobstructed view, high dump hopper easily deposits into a standard dumpster for safe handling and quick dumping. For enhanced sweeping capabilities, the optional DustGuard misting system provides up to 75% greater dust controlled sweepingpath compared to the nearest comparable competitor’s machines.
To ensure the filter remains dust-free for optimal performance, the SW4000 features a timed Liberator™ multi-frequency filter shaker that cleans the filter more effectively to restore airflow for maximum dust control.

The SW4000 is designed to simplify sweeping with retractable, springloaded side brooms and rugged steel guards to virtually eliminate risk of machine damage. It also features a left or right side access driver’s compartment, adjustable seat and column-mounted controls for ergonomic and intuitive operation. Tools-free broom and filter removal and battery compartment makes routine maintenance fast and easy.

  • Easy-to-use analog controls
  • Simple, One-Touch™ Sweeping with the drive pedal activates/ de-activates all sweeping procedures
  • Front-wheel steering and drive provides increased maneuverability
  • Easy machine charging capabilities located inside
  • WiRobust polyethylene covers and recyclable materials provide a durable design
  • Durable side brooms feature flexible mounting and protection using rugged steel guards
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Additional information

Weight 1648 lbs


  • Productivity – maximum ft²/h (m²/h) 94,200 sq ft/hr (8,750 sq m/hr)
  • Cleaning path – Dual Side Broom 49 in (125 cm)
  • Main broom sweep path 28 in (70 cm)
  • Side broom diameter (2) 18 in (45 cm)
  • Debris hopper volume 2.6 cu ft (75 L)
  • Debris hopper weight 220 lb (100 kg)
  • Debris hopper dump height 63 in (159 cm)
  • DustGuard™ Tank Capacity (optional) 5.3 gal (20 L)
  • Stage 1 DustGuard™ (optional) Side broom “fog” system for fugitive dust control
  • Stage 2 Vacuumized Main Broom Chamber Captures dust from the main broom
  • Stage 3 Ultra-Web® Nanofiber Filter >98% efficient on 0.3 – 1.0 micron particles
  • Stage 4 Airflow Restoration System Liberator™ aggressive, multi frequency vibration filter shaker
  • Length x width x height (excluding side brooms) 65 x 41 x 52 in (164 x 104 x 133 cm)
  • Height with overhead guard in. (cm) 78 in (199 cm)
  • Max. travel speed 4.3 mph (7 km/hr)
  • Max. gradeability (working) 20% (11.3 deg)
  • Batteries 24 Volt, 310 Ah C20
  • Weight with batteries – GVW 2,215 lb (1,005 kg)
  • Weight with batteries – Empty 1,648 lb (749 kg)
  • Sound level 65 dB A
  • Dust filter 75 sq ft (7 sq m)
  • Min. aisle turn (cm) 76 in (192 cm)
  • Easy-to-use control panel Included
  • One-Touch™ Button Included
  • Electrical filter shaker Included
  • DustGuard™ Dust-control System Included
  • MaxAccess™ Included
  • Easy Access Battery Compartment Included
  • No tools required for attachment change Included


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