Blastrac BMP-4000 Scarifier


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The Blastrac® BMP-4000 scarifier is a new heavy duty ride-on sawing and milling machine. This machine is ideally suited for large sawing and milling applications such as road construction and industrial flooring. The BMP-4000 is a multifunctional machine equipped for cutting, removing and sawing of concrete, asphalt and natural stone surface to a depth of up to 2.36 inches with sawing and 2.5 inches milling. By changing the hydraulic motor you can easily swap the milling and the sawing technology. It has a double, hydraulic micrometric adjustment to set the working depth, to work precisely and eliminate the risk of underground deterioration.

It’s stout weight and smooth drive system generate more efficient sawing and milling actions. For milling technology the BMP-4000 uses a unique concept. The complete milling drum is made out of one piece of specially selected steel. In combination with 60 professional heavy duty milling picks, the milling drum is more heavy duty compared with the traditional milling drums.

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Weight 3417 lbs


Blastrac BMP-4000 Brochure



Scarifying Width: (Milling: 16 in) (Sawing: 16 in).
Power: 40 HP | 460V, (63 amp), 3Ø or 45 HP  3 CYLINDER DIESEL
Dimensions: L 78 in. x W 50 in. x H 60 in.
Weight: 3417lbs
Drum Speed:  1180 RPM
Surfaces: Concrete/Stone/Asphalt
Dust Collector Options: BDC-99


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