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Commercial Grinding Greatness.
The Cimex Surface Scarifier tackles a wide range of preparation jobs at a blistering pace. You can count on the Surface Scarifier to excel at difficult projects such as the removal of impacted oil, grease and debris from concrete floors. In addition, it easily eliminates rust, paint and oil build up from steel plates as well as adhesives and foam backing from carpet removal projects.

The Cimex Surface Scarifier combines our patented, counter rotating system with a wide selection of cutter tools, wire brushes, diamond grinding blades, diamond resin polishing pads and carbide scraping blades. All of which are designed to tackle extreme coating removal and concrete scarifying scenarios.

These machines are built to take the punishment of the most difficult industrial applications. Their unique design maintains constant pressure over an evenly dispersed area because of the centrally mounted motor. This helps in avoiding uneven cutting and rotational scoring.