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When it comes to Detroit, it’s all about the hardness of the steel, the heart behind the desire and the hard work of the labor force. It’s about the Motor City putting the world on wheels, Motown putting the soul in the sound and the Arsenal of Democracy putting the tough behind the talk.

Any contractor knows that cleanup is an extremely important component on any cement scarifying, grinding and/or polishing job site. Kut-Rite Manufacturing has designed and built a complete line of vacuums with the interests of the operator first and foremost in mind.

The KleanRite™ Reverse Flow (RF) vacuum systems are capable of maintaining constant suction (cubic airflow per minute, commonly known as CFM) and impressive water lift (inches of water/debris moved), creating the best combination of consistent power, filtration and work consistency.

Includes 30 day part warranty.

1 in stock

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