When it comes to Detroit, it’s all about the hardness of the steel, the heart behind the desire and the hard work of the labor force. It’s about the Motor City putting the world on wheels, Motown putting the soul in the sound and the Arsenal of Democracy putting the tough behind the talk.

This is where grinder meets concrete. KutRite lives and breathes that American-made philosophy every single day, and out of it has come the company’s newest creation, the Conquer 32 Active Planetary Grinder.

It features a 20 HP 480v 24.3A 1800 RPM 3 ph WEG Motor sitting on a 630-pound main head – 900 pounds of innovative quality coming down solidly on the concrete!

Tool RPM is 270-1300 RPM, rotary head RPM is 13-65 in a 32-inch footprint, both forward and reverse. The operator works to within 1/8-inch of the edge. The unique shroud design offers easy access for tensioning and replacements (three 10-inch magnetic tool plates; one 1065L15 Mirco V-belt; two #40 chains for active planetary grinding that only spins in opposite direction of tool plates).

Includes 30 day part warranty.